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Political Ponerology Blog

"The Politics of Narcissism," by Avigail Abarbanel, March 12, 2008

"The Role of Ideology in the Development of Evil Regimes," by 'Time for Change', Democratic Underground, April 7, 2008 (mirror)

"How Societies Regress to Become Pathocracies," by 'Time for Change', Democratic Underground, April 10, 2008 (mirror)

"Beware the Psychopath," by Clinton Callahan, May 12, 2008 (mirror)

"Some Thoughts on Ponerology," Psychogenesis, May 29, 2008

"Leaders With No Conscience," by Rand Clifford, June 9, 2008 (mirror)

"Moral Endo-skeletons and Exo-skeletons: A Perspective on America's Cultural Divide and Current Crisis," by Andrew Bard Schmookler, July 29, 2008

"The Bloody Saturday of Israel in Gaza," by Kawther Salam, December 28, 2008 (mirror)

"Twilight and the trick of the psychopaths," by Maasanova, February 21, 2009

"Evil Among Us," by Bret Burquest, September 19, 2009 (mirror)

"Wall Street Will Be Back for More," by Chris Hedges, January 11, 2010 (mirror)

"Why Does the World Feel Wrong?" by Will Groves, January 27, 2009 (mirror)

"Zero point of economic collapse," by Chris Hedges, February 8, 2010 (mirror)

"Psychopathy, Divinity, and 'Positive Disintegration'," by Richard Fairbanks, March 21, 2010

"'Primordialism' and the decline of human culture," by Gordon Duff, April 17, 2010 (mirror)

"Learning More About Psychopaths," by Daniel Kemp, Earth Emperor, May 11, 2010

"Felled by Pathocracy: Rachel Corrie, Palestinians and 20 Newly Killed Humanitarians," by Rady Ananda, June 1, 2010 (mirror)

"‘They made us do it…’ — The Disordered Psychology of Israel," by Avigail Abarbanel, June 4, 2010 (mirror)

"The Psychopathic Criminal Enterprise Called America - The Government uses the Law to Harm People and Shield the Establishment," by Dr. John Kozy, June 4, 2010 (mirror)

"American Psychosis," by Chris Hedges, June 17, 2010 (mirror)

"Screening Psychopaths in Government," by Pavel Podolyak, June 18, 2010 (mirror)

"The Permanent Dehumanizing of Humanity?" by Dr. Judith H. Young, Global ResearchJune 24, 2010 (mirror)

"Psychopaths in the Gulf," by Mark Sircus, July 12, 2010 (mirror)

"Transmarginal Inhibition," by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, July 8, 2007

"A Structural Theory of Narcissism and Psychopathy," by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, April 20, 2008

"Limbic Warfare and Martha Stout's 'Paranoia Switch'," by Harrison Koehli, October 29, 2007

"Voices in the Wilderness," by Harrison Koehli, May 27, 2008

"On the Nature of Psychopathy: A Thought Experiment," by Harrison Koehli, November 15, 2008

"Pathocracy: Brave New World or 1984?" by Harrison Koehli, January 28, 2010

"Intolerable Cruelty: Cover Stories and a Culture of Lies," by Harrison Koehli, February 10, 2010

"Lobaczewski and the origins of Political Ponerology," by Harrison Koehli, February 15, 2010

"Ponerology 101: The Psychopath's Mask of Sanity," by Harrison Koehli, March 17, 2010

"Ponerology 101: Snakes in Suits," by Harrison Koehli, May 5, 2010

"Ponerology 101: The Political Psychopath," by Harrison Koehli, June 13, 2010

"Ponerology 101: The Truth Behind the War On Terror," by Harrison Koehli, July 27, 2010

"The Psychopath: A New Subspecies of Homo Sapiens," by Brent Kopenhaver Jr., May 9, 2010

"Environment of Evil," by Henry See, April 6, 2007

"Insiders and Outsiders in Washington," by Henry See, August 15, 2007

"Insiders and Outsiders in Everyday Life," by Henry See, August 23, 2007

"The Insider Wannabes," by Henry See, October 21, 2007

"Insiders and Reality," by Henry See, November 21, 2007

"Good Times, Bad Times 1: The Hysteroidal Cycle," by Henry See, December 3, 2007

"Good Times, Bad Times 2: Insiders and the Hysteroidal Cycle," by Henry See, December 11, 2007

"Good Times, Bad Times 3: The USA and the Hysteroidal Cycle," by Henry See, January 18, 2008

"Israeli Settler Syndrome? Barry Chamish Barely Groks Ponerology," April 27, 2010

"Until They Are Awake, They Are a Threat to You," by Charlie Veitch, July 16, 2010

Interview with Harrison Koehli, by Dr. Kevin Barrett, April 17, 2007

"Twilight of the Psychopaths," by Dr. Kevin Barrett, January 5, 2008 (mirror)

"Is George Bush a Psychopath?" by Dr. Kevin Barrett, June 2, 2008

"Low Levels of PTSD Among Israeli Soldiers Suggest High Levels of Psychopathy" by Dr. Kevin Barrett, July 26, 2010 (mirror)

Interview with Dr. Marian Wasilewski, in 1984 (mirror)


Dr. Hare's Psychopathy Website

Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias: Online Resources for Victims of Psychopaths and Narcissists

How To Spot a Dangerous Man

Women Who Love Psychopaths


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